Okay, this will sound very silly, so I warn y'all ahead of time.

Last night, I felt truly happy for a while. And it wasn't because of people I care for, or an exciting event, or anything like that. It was because the Bill was actually good.

Okay, for that to make sense, I think I need to fill you in on the background.

I've been watching The Bill since the very beginning. I was a very tiny kiddie back then, but it was one of my father's favourite shows, and I'd sit in the lounge room with him every week to watch it. When I recently bought some s1 videos, I was surprised at how much I could remember of the episodes, given my age when I initially watched them.

In my opinion, the best periods for The Bill were the first couple of seasons, and then the period when CID rocked and was filled with such fantastic characters as Rod Skase, John Boulton, Tom Proctor, Tosh Lines, Jaaaack Meadows, Chris Deakin etc etc etc. Of course, if you know anything about the Bill, you'll know that the only one of those characters who's still there is Jaaaack. And his hair's gone now, so I'm not sure if he is able to be as Jaaaack-y.

And with the loss of those characters, which began to happen *before* the actual departure of John Boulton, when the writers decided that he was actually a Big Pussy, rather than Well Hard, so began the downfall of The Bill.

The plot lines became trite and relationship based. We were subjected to The Dave And Polly Melodrama and the changing of Tony into a completely unrecognisable prick. Most of the best characters left, and were replaced with people like Debbie bloody McAllister. Sure, a couple of changes were Of The Good. Chandler is far more interesting than Brownlow ever was. Paul Riley is cute and laconic. Kate Spears is gorgeous. But the story lines faltered and failed.

And, for the first time in my life, I contemplated Not Watching.

Last night's episode in Australia was the concluding part in the Britanniamania arc. The first of the four episodes didn't grab me particularly, mostly because it was concerned with setting up the premise and the undercover roles. But then bang - bang - bang - three absolutely BRILLIANT episodes that left my heart pounding and my mind spinning.

Britanniamania was dark. It was powerful. At times it was a little scary; at times it was hilarious. We delved into characters, not through The Bloody Obvious, but rather through their actions. And it was good. I watched and I absorbed and I cried a little in the end and I Loved The Bill All Over Again.

And that means a lot to me. It's only a television show, but it's also a constant I've always had in my life, right back from when I was only... what?... four?

And if it's good, then it makes me bloody happy. Because I feel like a part of me is whole again.


Congratulations Sth Korea, BTW. Fantastic game last night, and you should have seen me trying to barrack at a volume that wouldn't wake H. Not sure whether I succeeded when they kicked the golden goal ^_^
for those receiving group emails from me, this'll be exactly the same, but the email will have more, so read that instead! ^_^

I saw Rik and Ade live last night ^__^

It was extremely surreal. I basically sat there for the entire time not believing that it was actually live. It was more like I was watching a movie or something in a cinema with a whole bunch of noisy people around me. And the crowd was so noisy! The show was fabbo, though. Certainly about 300% better than Bottom Live 3. The first half was still on Hooligan's Island, but the second half was actually somewhere in the theatre... quite surreal in itself with separation of characters and actors and so forth. Richie and Eddie both had a real go at Rik and Ade *lol* First night in London and a complete sell out, it was mostly the die-hard fans which was great, cos it meant all the in-jokes (Stephen Fry stuff etc) were received as they should be. Of course, there were a couple of local references that I didn't get, but meh. They could have been as unfunny as hell, and I would still have loved every moment.

I have merchandise ^_^ Fine until you convert what I paid into Australian dollars... The poster was cheap at £2 - until it cost me £3.39 to post it home...

The guys have both lost weight - prolly from touring for three months and it's been extended because they're selling out - and look great. Ade actually looks the best he's looked for about five years *lol* Rik looked perfect, naturally *g* - even though the pink lycra shortie shorts were prolly a horrendous shock to 99% of the audience... ^_~

I think that it'll only hit me that I saw RIK live in a couple of weeks time. Then I'll prolly faint or bawl or something equally girly. Right now (and it was the same last night) I'm incredibly calm and controlled however. Pretty good for what is one of the highlights of my (admittedly not very exciting) life.

And, for those wondering, no, I didn't leap up onto the stage to stick Rik in a sack. I'll prolly end up regretting my self control... *lol*

- - - - -

London has always been one of my favourite cities, and I am enjoying myself just as much on this occasion. They've a new chain of internet places that are dirt cheap, which is definately fabbo. The cost depends on their current connection speed, but when I logged on this morning, it was £1 for two hours. Yay! I won't use it all up now - it's quite near my hostel so I'll check my mail tomorrow too. So leave me all your declarations of love and I'll try to sort through them... *g*
Today I'm going to head to the British Museum to stare at Egyptian, ROman and Greek stuff, before seeing a matinee of Les Miserables (yay!) at 2:30. I'm in the second row, which will be strange - but I've seen it a couple of times before, so the music is the important thing anyway ^_^

Guns n' Roses are playing London!!! On the 13th and 14th. It's prolly a good thing I'm at the opposite end of the country then, or I'd spend an absolute fortune just to see Axl and his new band - including some guy called Buckethead *raised eyebrow*. For a while, when I found out yesterday, I contemplated changing all my plans and seeing if I could get a ticket, but then realised that was just plain silly *lol* Lookie here - Tara's being sensible!

Okay, I'm prolly outta room, so I'll shut up. Missing you all ^__^

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