If you've stumbled across this journal, the likelihood is that you actually already know me in some respect. If not, I'm currently a PhD Candidate in English at La Trobe University Melbourne, Australia, and I'm also a writer (you can check out my publication credits here) and editor. My academic background is in History (Classics, mostly) as well as English, and my PhD is combining historical research about women in colonial Victorian Asylums with a lesbian historical novel.

I live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne with my incredible wife, whom I usually just refer to as E. We're legally married under British law (I'm a dual citizen) and hopefully it won't be long until our marriage is recognised in Australia as well.

I'm a feminist, a socialist and, more importantly, a Slytherin ESTJ. I am deeply in love with music and musical theatre, books are like air to me, and Britcom has gotten me through all the worst things in my life. I love travelling, but I mostly just go back to the UK. Or else Canada or Denmark to see my closest friends, who annoyingly live in the wrong hemisphere. Video games are kinda vital to my mental health and I am quite ridiculously obsessed with Dragon Age right now.

In moving from Livejournal to Dreamwidth for good, I've decided to make this a more public place than my Livejournal ever was. The old stuff on here is all private, at least for now, but new entries will often be left unlocked.

Meeting new people is always cool, but I am notoriously slow to reply to comments and never as good as I should be at leaving comments on my friends' posts. Apologies in advance :D
Love Me!

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