First TPC show of the year yesterday. West Side Story is so full of standards that it can feel a little old, but Gale Edwards did an excellent job of revitalising it and giving it new energy. Most importantly, Gareth Keegan was amaaaaazing. His voice gets better every time I see him. Anna O'Byrne was great as well - I love how operatic her voice is. Best surprise of the day was the announcement that Deone Zanotto had laryngitis and therefore Anita's songs would be sung by Amanda Harrison. Pretty sure that's the only time I have ever been excited by an understudy announcement ;p Deone did an incredible job of dancing/acting given how sick she was, though.

The only disappointing thing about the show was Sean Mulligan as Riff. His vocals were fine, but he acted the role in a real camp-gay-Broadway kind of way that did not work for the character at ALL.

Other things I am doing: watching too much Love Island and playing too much Marvel Contest of Champions.

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